Financial, legal, and accounting help for those solo entrepreneurs looking to get ahead

Taking your dreams into your own hands can be stressful. Dealing with your business’s financials and legal issues shouldn’t be. Let us help you with the more monotonous tasks while you continue to turn your visions into reality.

Solo entrepreneurs

You focus on your business. We will focus on your numbers  

No matter if you are a solo entrepreneur, solopreneur, contractor, freelancer, musician, or web designer, you still have to do your taxes, along with a host of other bookkeeping tasks. And while you may enjoy the numbers game, you likely have enough things on your plate.

Fortunately, when you work with Ardent Guardian, you won’t have to worry about your financial plans or stress that the numbers won’t match up come tax time. Instead, our team can provide you with the assistance you need, no matter if it involves tax prep, legal counsel, estate planning, or accounting.  

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A one-stop shop for all your legal and financial needs

Getting financial advice that does not align with your lawyer’s advice can be stressful. Not only is it incredibly expensive working with both these professionals, but when their ideas don’t line up, it can completely throw you for a loop. 

That is why we minimize these issues at Ardent Guardian by providing you with a one-stop shop for all your legal, financial, and accounting needs. As a CPA, financial planner, AND attorney, we handle a wide variety of tasks, including tax preparation, contractual legal agreements, and estate planning. Best of all, you will only have to work with one point of contact, making it easier to get consistent and reliable information you can count on.

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Why choose us?

As a solo entrepreneur, freelancer, or contractor, we know you are used to doing everything alone. Or, put more simply, you’re a boss. You handle everything yourself and give everything of yourself to your business. While this can make you the best in the game, it can also leave you exhausted. However, what if we said you could remain in control and get extra help from experienced and knowledgeable professionals without breaking the bank? Sound enticing? Let us explain. 

At Ardent Guardian, our only job is to help you grow. This doesn’t mean taking over your company or making decisions that completely change how your company operates. Rather, we are here to assist you and only provide guidance where you need help. That is why we offer different packages tailored to meet your specific needs.

More importantly, you will only have to pay a flat monthly fee, regardless of your chosen plan. This means no surprise fees or hidden costs. 

If you want further information regarding our different services or how we can help your business get ahead, contact us today and speak with our team. 

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Get a Custom Plan That Fits Your Business

Let us build a custom plan that fits your budget and business needs.