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While it can be amazing when a hobby turns into a lucrative opportunity, it can get stressful when you are suddenly thrust into a field filled with complex social media laws, intense contracts, and time-consuming legal issues that can impact your influencing future.

That is why below we will go over one of the more common questions that many influencers tend to have as their business begins to gain followers: do you really need an attorney as an influencer?

How Can an Attorney Help Influencers?

Influencers can significantly benefit from working with experienced lawyers who can offer them guidance and support with various legal matters. 

By having a skilled legal professional on their team, influencers can improve their social media image and protect their reputation. These lawyers can also provide advice on signing contracts with particular brands and help resolve any disputes that may arise on social media.

The Benefits of Working with an Attorney as an Influencer

Collaborating with an experienced influencer attorney can provide influencers numerous benefits that can help them get ahead. Some of these benefits include the following: 

  • Attorneys for influencers can provide legal advice when it comes to contracts, estate planning, intellectual property, and taxation.
  • Attorneys for influencers can review legal documents when it comes to new business ventures or provide legal advice regarding an influencer’s social media usage.
  • Attorneys for influencers can handle negotiations when new business opportunities arise and try to obtain more favorable terms.
  • Attorneys for influencers can keep track of updates regarding legal trends and social media laws that can impact influencers, their obligations, and, ultimately, their business.
  • Attorneys for influencers can protect against legal claims such as infringement or other legal violations.
  • Attorneys for influencers can respond to threats of litigation, or if an influencer is sued, they can handle the legal process from start to finish.
  • Attorneys for influencers can pursue litigation if needed, such as if an influencer does not get paid for their work.  
  • Attorneys for influencers can help the business draft agreements to protect the business’s interests while remaining legally compliant. They can also make sure the agreements outline the scope of the influencer’s work, compensation, confidentiality, and ownership rights.

However, most importantly, attorneys for influencers can handle all the legal matters involved in the influencing business, allowing influencers to focus on what matters most, growing their business and making sure their artistic dreams come to fruition.  

Contact Ardent Guardian and Let Us Show You How We Can Help

At Ardent Guardian, we do more than assist you with your taxes and finances. In fact, because we are a Certified Financial Planner, CPA, and attorney, we can help you with all your business and legal issues, especially when it comes to planning for your future and ensuring your personal and professional goals are met.  

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