Operating a business, no matter the size, necessitates having extensive legal knowledge. This is because even a minor error can result in dire consequences, which can be financially detrimental for small businesses. Consequently, numerous organizations opt to acquire the services of general counsel to safeguard their company from future liabilities and to assist them in navigating the legal intricacies of running a business. However, despite the numerous advantages of having general counsel, many business owners in Northern Virginia often question whether they need this position. 

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What Exactly Is General Counsel?

General counsel or GC usually heads up the legal department in a company. In small businesses, the general counsel position may also encompass numerous functions, including advising other departments and leading the legal team. In addition, these legal professionals may also take part in the following functions: 

Protect the Legal Interest of the Organization

Having a general counsel means you have a legal representative who can manage all the legal aspects of your business operations as you need them. These lawyers can also provide legal advice, help in the event of a dispute, and make sure that legal issues do not develop in the first place.

Ensure Company Compliance

Regardless of the size of your company, you need to ensure that it complies with the appropriate regulations and laws. Fortunately, when you hire general counsel, these legal professionals can ensure that your organization stays in compliance with these guidelines.

Prepare Legal Agreements for the Company

General counsel can help companies minimize risks and take steps to remedy legal problems as they develop. These lawyers can also draft contracts and other documents while making sure the company understands what this paperwork means and that they adhere to it.

Handle Different Types of Conflicts

Even small-sized businesses can face legal issues, which often include establishing a proper business structure, dealing with unhappy employees, managing contract disputes, and taking on unemployment claims. However, retaining general counsel can give your organization peace of mind that these problems will be taken care of quickly and handled in the company’s best interest.

Prevent Legal Problems

The purpose of general legal counsel is not only to take on potential legal issues, but these experienced attorneys are also there to help stop issues from developing. For example, these legal professionals are known to:

  • Take steps to make sure your organization and assets are protected.
  • Assist with business transactions and handle document preparations, reviews, and negotiations.
  • Help with business sales and provide organizations with the information needed to make intelligent decisions about whether to sell a company or acquire another.
  • Create thorough business contracts with other organizations, customers, independent contractors, and partners.

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