A tax lawyer is a legal professional who helps clients navigate complicated tax laws. Unfortunately, most people do not know when they may need such an attorney or how these professionals can help them with their tax issues. That is why in the below guide, we will walk you through some of the everyday situations when it may be a good idea to reach out to an experienced Northern Virginia tax attorney.

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When It May Be Worth Reaching Out To a Tax Attorney

Generally, people reach out to a tax attorney when they need help with issues related to tax debt relief, disputes with tax authorities, business planning, or estate planning.

Estate Planning

No matter if you are transferring property or assets, setting up an estate plan, or creating some type of trust, a tax lawyer can assist you in carrying out these plans, putting together the appropriate paperwork, and helping you minimize taxes in the process.

Starting a Business

A tax professional can help you take part in tax-smart strategies for purchasing, selling, creating, or expanding a business. These lawyers can also ensure you maximize plans that can help you minimize the tax bill and get you through audits.

Resolving a Tax Dispute

If you are going through a tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), consider contacting a skilled Northern Virginia tax attorney to assist you with the process. These legal professionals can determine what course of action you should take and help you solve the dispute properly.

Obtain Tax Relief

If you have an outstanding balance with a tax authority, such as the IRS, you may want to see if you can work out a solution with them regarding this problem or contest this balance. Fortunately, with an experienced tax lawyer, you will not have to devise a solution on your own. Instead, these lawyers can help you pursue options such as an Offer in Compromise or installment plans to help pay your bill over time.

Real Estate Investments

A skilled tax lawyer can assist you when you are looking to or have already invested in real estate properties. These lawyers can also help you understand the tax liabilities involved with these purchases and provide guidance on strategies that can help you minimize the tax burden.

The Role of a Northern Virginia Tax Attorney

A Northern Virginia tax lawyer helps clients not only understand complex tax laws, but they can also settle disputes with the IRS, prepare tax-related files and documents on your behalf, fight for tax relief, and provide services in broader tax areas such as estate or business taxes.

Contact Ardent Guardian To Go Over Your Legal Options

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