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If you are searching for a tax attorney in Northern Virginia, it is essential to find a lawyer who is a good match for you and your case. While there are numerous options available when it comes to tax attorneys, and all it takes is one Google search to have a list of legal professionals at your disposal, making sure the lawyer is a good fit may require some research. That is why we have prepared a few questions you should consider when interviewing potential tax attorneys in Northern Virginia.

Question 1: What Type of Tax Issues Do You Handle

While many tax attorneys deal with income taxes, there are some lawyers who deal with other aspects of tax law, such as figuring out taxes for a new company, determining how to file taxes if individuals have foreign assets, and dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). That is why you will want to ask them about the cases they handle, the type of issues they have worked on in the past, and if they ever handled cases similar to yours.

Question 2: What Are Your Legal Fees?

Another important question to ask potential tax attorneys is about their fee structure. This information will provide you with details about the potential costs of your case and help you come up with a budget to avoid billing problems in the future. In addition, before you retain these tax attorneys, you should obtain a written fee agreement from them to make sure that what you discussed is in writing. This can help you avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Question 3: What Do You Think of My Case?

During a consultation, a tax attorney may not be able to provide a detailed analysis of your case, but they should be able to offer a general understanding of the issues you are facing. That is why it is important to ask these legal professionals for their opinions on how you should proceed with your legal case. This will also give you better insight into whether the attorney is a good match for you.

Question 4: How Do You Respond To Questions From Your Clients?

It is critical for a tax attorney to be easily accessible to their clients, whether through phone calls or emails. Tax disputes with the IRS are very serious. You do not want an attorney who is challenging to get in touch with. If you are facing such a dispute, it is essential to have a Northern Virginia attorney who is responsive and can address your concerns promptly.

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