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As a startup, you may face numerous unforeseen business expenses or issues that can result in you having to use professional help. Fortunately, when you work with a certified public accountant (CPA), you will not have to take on these problems alone. Instead, these professionals can help your company find ways to continue to grow and develop while making sure your finances are in order. However, before you hire just any CPA to handle this work, it is essential to consider what type of virtual CPA is right for you and your business.

Below we will review some of the characteristics and traits you should look for in a virtual CPA as you continue your search.

Solid Communication Skills

Working with a virtual CPA means you have to rely on good communication to ensure things do not fall through the cracks. That is why you should look for a CPA that is not only communicative but available, proactive, and ready to jump in when challenges arise. With these characteristics, you are more likely to find a CPA that understands what you and your business need to get ahead.

Can Identify Business Needs 

Startups are known for their unique challenges. As a result, before hiring just any remote CPA, it is critical you find a CPA that understands your business or has the knowledge, skills, and experience to learn about it quickly. When you work with skilled CPAs, they are more capable of figuring out how your processes work, what things need to be improved upon, and how they can serve your accounting needs.

Knows How To Plan for the Future

While CPAs should be there to help with your accounting and financials, they also need to be proactive regarding your business. What does this mean? These professionals should be able to provide you with regular reporting, determine the different tax liabilities that may arise, and take care of these issues in advance.

Remember, these individuals should be able to help you minimize accounting surprises and assist you in planning for the future as much as they can.

Worked With Startups

Not every virtual CPA is ready to take on issues involved with a small business or a startup. Unless the CPA has worked with unique business ventures before, they may not know what will be required of them when hired. That is why it is important to look into the CPA’s experience and find someone that can adapt to your business structure and knows how to tackle the complex issues often involved with these types of businesses.  

Have Questions About CPAs, Contact Ardent Guardian Today

If you are looking for a virtual CPA but want further information regarding their services, contact Ardent Guardian today. Our solutions are simple. We handle all of your financial planning, accounting, and tax work, while you focus on growing your startup.

What’s more, as a CPA, Certified Financial Planner, and lawyer, we are able to provide your company with services that other CPAs can’t while still managing all your personal, financial, and business needs. For more details regarding how we can help you get ahead, reach out to us online or call us at 703-592-6774 to talk to a member of our team.

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